I’ve come to learn that many of the principles of chemistry can be applied to our relationships with people. In a relative sort of way that is…

Energy plays a role in how often chemical reactions take place and sometimes to what degree. To simplify, let me clarify what I mean. Molecules need a sufficient amount of energy in order to collide with one another and increase the chances of a chemical reaction.

How does this relate to dating? Well, you can’t sit in your bedroom, never go out, and expect to meet people that you could potentially date or foster a friendship with. Your lack of energy is preventing the chemistry with other humans from happening.

You have to go out and be yourself. Take risks and meet new people. Then and only then will you potentially connect with another human on that level. It doesn’t need to be complicated. If it feels natural it’s because it is natural. Meeting new people is the same as molecules meeting for the first time. If the energy isn’t there, a reaction may not occur. If the orientation of the molecules is not right, then the reaction may not occur. And if it’s not meant to be then the collision won’t result in a strong bond. All of this is natural.

Are you beginning to see how these principles relate to dating relationships and quality friendships? I hope that all made sense. Just my thoughts for the day…