I listened to this song called “I Want To Feel Alive” by The Lighthouse And The Whaler. I watched a video that someone made with this song accompanying it. I cried. The emotional response that it triggered was unlike anything I’ve felt in a long time.

It made me realize that I don’t go on enough adventures, and I don’t cease the moment nearly as much as I should.

And I know I’m not the only person who feels that way.

Do you ever wonder if you’re really getting the most out of your short time on Earth? Are you appreciating the marvels of mother nature and respecting the environment in the meantime? Are you treating others with absolute kindness no matter how they treat you? Are you a light to people who are drowning in darkness? When you wake up in the morning, do you feel alive?

I know I cannot say yes to all of those questions. Can you?

I want to go on road trips and laugh with my friends. I want to run out of gas and ask a stranger for help. I want to watch cows graze a field by the side of the road. I want to obliterate a dandelion with my humid breath. I want to watch the sunrise from the top of a mountain. I want to push the limitations of my physical and mental capabilities.  I want to feel alive.