Since the fruition of nomadic civilizations, whether it be humans, neanderthals, orangutans or dolphins, social conformity has always been a priority in survival activities.

Many terms have been used to identify the various levels of group conformity. Pack, flock, herd, pod, mob, gang, and the recently established group: Hipsters. This dynamic group can be recognized by its unique style of clothing and social conventions.

In the beginning, a common goal among Hipsters was to set themselves apart from the mainstream culture. It started out as a rather small population. Non-Hipsters looked upon the slowly emerging culture with their heads cocked sideways just a bit- that was normal.

Over time the Hipster culture grew larger and larger, eventually drawing in new members much like the behavior of celestial bodies surrounding a black hole. Although the exact moment is unknown, it is clear now that the Hipster culture has taken over all previous mainstream cultures. Hipsters look upon the Non-Hipsters with their heads cocked sideways- this is normal.

Spotting an individual wearing colors that are aesthetically pleasing to the eye is a rare occurrence. In fact, so rare that it permits a double-take just to confirm its reality. Meanwhile, spotting an individual wearing a pair of floral print leggings and a plaid lumberjack blouse hardly merits the batting of an eye.