Lately I’ve been giving the absolute bare minimum– in many areas of my life. This isn’t a good thing either, but lately that’s all I’ve had available to give.

One area in particular is my blogging. If you are a regular reader you might be wondering where I’ve been.

I’ve been in the same place I’ve always been. Just uninspired and lacking the energy to more forward. I’ve used the daily post as quick inspiration maybe twice a week, but other than that I haven’t felt like writing anything new… At least not for the public eye. I still journal but those words don’t often make it here.

Does anyone else ever go a while without inspiration for or the energy to write?

What about other areas of your lives?

I would love to hear about what you all do when your hands feel like they are magnets of the same pole with the keyboard. When you just can’t force the two together…