Today I showed true grit. My car battery died. My dad and I jump started the engine and went to Costco to buy a new car battery.

At some point in the battery replacement process I thought it would be a good idea to use my smallish hands to finish unscrewing the screws. I thought, gee this would go a lot faster if I just used my fingers. It worked great! It was a little courageous even. Especially in the Arizona heat.

At first I pulled away and shook my hand in a display of pain, but then I bucked up and pushed through the discomfort.

Any smart person would have used a rag or obtained some gloves before continuing to touch the hot car. I thought I was being smart and efficient with our limited time.

Now I have a large raised blister on my index finger… a souvenir from my car battery changing experience.

This is how the line between stupidity and grit became blurred for me today.