Do you remember that scene in the 1953 animated film Peter Pan where Pan is trying to get the group to believe in fairies so that Tinker Bell’s light doesn’t go out? Her very livelihood is fading as each moment passes. This is how I feel right now.

Why? Because I am out doing errands related to flooring. I remember doing these errands as a young child. It was the definition of torture. Excruciatingly boring. Insert your own creative descriptor here.

The point is that each time my mother turns around with a new tile and asks, “What do you think about this tile for the upstairs bathroom? I think it matches the carpet for the adjacent bedroom very well”, I respond with the phrase, “I agree with that statement”, in the most robotic voice possible every time.

My expertise is this field of home decor is clearly an asset to her shopping experience.

*please note heavy sarcasm in the preceeding sentence.

(I could make a mad dash out the door… maybe she won’t notice my absence.) 😉

Now, I ask you this: Do you believe in fairies?

Please say yes, for my sake!

As always, much love to you all! Have a wonderful Monday.