I recently stumbled upon a couple college ruled notebook pages with the spiral binding mess still attached. I remember writing it on a rainy day in my PE/Volleyball class in high school. The year was 2011. They held the words of what I think was an essay about chasing one’s dreams. It reads a bit corny, but I found the overall message to ring true even to this day.

“I believe that we are born destined for something great. We are born with a desire to fulfill this destiny, the ability to persevere through all obstacles and lastly the will power to make it all happen.

The dream. The dream in which I aspire to achieve is merely the result of reaching one’s goal.  The goal does not end here though, it is only the beginning. After the inception of one’s dream one creates goals in order to fulfill each individual aspiration. By experiencing these aspirations one is able to to taste what lies ahead in the future. In order to obtain one’s dream, one must show discipline, self-control, patience, perseverance,  work ethic, and most importantly: vision. 

  • Discipline is to commit to and follow the plan step by step.
  • Self- control is to exercise wise actions around the clock.
  • Patience is to wait in peace and without anxiety through the times where it seems nothing is going right.
  • Perseverance is to be relentless and to find a way to push through any and every obstacle- no matter how difficult it may be.
  • Vision is to wear one’s eyes correctly. To see only the good and to hinder oneself from the evil. Always looking forward, never off track, striving towards one’s goal.

The capacity to achieve is a result of putting these traits together. By putting these together one will in turn ‘achieve’ her goal. To achieve one’s ultimate goal is to be “living the dream”. Furthermore it is necessary to discover what one’s purpose in life is and to in turn achieve it or fulfill it. How?

First, dream. Second, Aspire towards the dream. Third, reach for the very stars in which your dream lies. And lastly…. believe it and you will achieve it. “


As always, much love to you all! Have a wonderful day and go chase your dreams! 🙂