It’s June, which means we are about halfway through the year… it’s okay I shuttered at the thought of that too.

Can I ask you something? When was the last time you thought about your New Year’s Resolution? February? April? Last week? This morning?

I hope the answer is this morning, but I know from experience that some things just don’t make it that long.

If you remember my post back on January 12th, I talked about my New Year’s Resolution:

“Make good choices and do the right thing.”

This one liner resolution has driven my life in a new and rewarding direction. Sure, there were times that I didn’t think of this immediately when making a decision. But I’m going to be honest…. I really have tried my best to follow this motto/ resolution.

And you know what, doing the right thing wasn’t always easy. Actually, doing the right thing can sometimes be the most gut wrenching, tear inducing, heart piercing experience known to the human existence.

This is what I learned in the last six months.

I have moved toward a career change as a result of doing the right thing and while it has been daunting, it has also been rewarding. I’m finally headed in a good direction.

I’ve been putting time in hobbies that I always wanted to be better at and never got the chance to do before. Such as writing and ballet.  Of course the ballet has to do with one of my bucket list items if you read that post. 😉

I still think about my New Year’s Resolution nearly every day, and I think that’s what has helped me to live a better life.

I want to encourage you that there is never a wrong time to begin a “New Year’s Resolution”. June or July is just as good as January! I mean, they all start with a J, so that’s good!

But seriously guys, today is the day to make that change you’ve always wanted to make. To heal that relationship with a loved one you haven’t talked to in ages. To confront your manager about a coworker who has been unethical. To encourage that new intern in the office to chase his/ her dreams. To say no to going out drinking with your friends (on a weeknight) because you know the time spent studying for your exam is time better spent towards your future.

Everyday holds the opportunity to be pivotal, it’s up to you to make that 180 degree turn.

Much love to you all!

Have a great day!