This title, abbreviated CCC, was the title of my very first blog over at Blogspot. I have retired using that blog simply because I love WordPress even more and this is where all my work is. But this title still holds a spot near and dear to my heart.

I thought I was being incredibly cleaver when I thought of “Concerning Contemporary Controversy“.

Can you tell that I am obsessed with alliteration?

When I made that blog my intent was to post the stuff that I would have normally put on Facebook but also caused some sort of drama with my friends and/or extended family over the internet.

I wrote like three posts… I had absolutely no readership and I didn’t really know how to gain it, or even access others’ blogs to follow and be part of a community.

I guess my point is this: I found a wonderful and welcoming community of bloggers here at WordPress and I am extremely thankful for it!

Although my readership is small in size and my posts are mostly of mediocre quality, I’m happy to be blogging. And no matter how fant it may be, it feels nice to have a voice.

Much love to you all! As always XOXO