When I was a kid people used to say “Oh you’re blossoming into such a beautiful young lady”!

Does blossoming mean developing? Because when I think of development I think of photographs.

You know, like how people develop film. Continuing with this analogy, I would make the argument that what’s in the photograph was always there and therefore contained beauty all along.

Are we not beautiful when we are younger? And when we grow up do we suddenly become beautiful?

Or have we always been beautiful and the extent of our beauty is merely revealed slowly over time?

If that’s the case, then wouldn’t old people be the most beautiful? Or maybe there’s a limit to the amount of beauty and at some point our beauty weathers away as we approach death.

Just like a flower does. I think it makes sense now. We blossom and wilt just like flowers.

Now I ask, are you blossoming into a beautiful flower or are you holding yourself back and keeping your petals close?

Are you already on the other side, drawing your wrinkled petals back inwards? Preparing to drop them altogether?

God has made each of us with uniquely shaped and colored petals. Have you ever seem an ugly flower? No, just different looking ones at different phases of their lifetime. And that’s the way it’s supposed to be.

Blossom like a flower ladies, because you are beautiful inside and out!