My mom used to say “it’s not all peaches and cream”. I think that meant something along the lines of “it’s not as easy as it seems”.

We who live in the Sonoran Desert know what it means to experience a dry heat. People in those humid regions always say “yeah, but it’s nothing when there’s no humidity”!

I just got done eating a nice breakfast-for-dinner meal at the local IHOP. It was delicious. I sipped my warm coffee in the air conditioned building. Life was good.

Then I walked outside…. the second that I pushed open that heavy door I was blasted with a scorching wave of infrared heat.

You know when you were little and the oven door was about eye level? And when you opened the oven door you were blasted with that violent sensation? It’s just like that, but all over your entire body (front and back).

Except instead of being greeted by Nestle Toll House chocolate chip cookies, you’re greeted by a black leather steering wheel that burns your hands. Hot seats that stick to your exposed flesh and yank on it like they were glued there.

Then there’s that metal thing on your seat belt, if you miss the mark on the insertion point and accidentally touch your thigh you are left with a brand… like what they do to cows on a cattle ranch.

Yeah, it’s not all Cacti and Cream when it’s 117.

But I guess cacti blossoms are pretty.