Let’s talk about bucket lists for a bit.

There’s that one movie with Morgan Freeman and Jack Nickleson, where two old men dying of cancer decide to do all the things they always wanted to do. (During their last remaining quality time here on earth). It’s adorable and uplifting despite its inevitable tragic ending. No spoiler alert needed there.

Then there’s that culture of hedonism where people do whatever they want, whoever they want, whenever they want and have no regrets about it. They just guzzle gallons of alcohol and live in the moment. Why? Because life’s too short.

What I want to address is this: where’s the middle ground? Where’s the balance to this dilemma? You either wait too long to do the things you always wanted to or you do what you want in excess and it results in a lower quality of life (and probably some sort of substance dependency).

Honest answer…. I have no bloody clue! What I do know is that it feels exhilarating to cross something off that Good Ole Bucket List.

A few examples of things I have recently crossed off my list:

–buying supplies, making and handing out care packages to homeless people

–laying down on railroad tracks for 60 seconds and then running away giggling

–“singing” Rapper’s Delight at karaoke

All of these were totally spontaneous, and it was great. But I think some things can be planned. Such as long term goal- related bucket list items.

One of my long term bucket list items is to dance on Pointe. I realize this takes years of dedicated practice for a well trained ballerina. But I am willing to accept that challenge! I have found a local ballet studio that teaches classes for adults and I will sign up and get back to the basics. Hopefully within a few years I will be able to dabble in the art of Pointe! It may never be possible, but I’ll never know unless I give it a shot and start at the beginning.

So, blogging community, keep me accountable. Encourage me when you see it fit to do so, and I promise I will do the same for you!

What’s on your bucket list? 🙂

(seriously though, comment what your most outrageous bucket list item is and let’s talk about how to achieve it!)