A student named Biotech Billy;

With transformations he was silly.

His techniques were so bad that it drove Kikkert mad.

Out the door he was sent– how chilly!


A limerick by me, Christina Pociask. I wrote this while in Dr. Kikkert’s class. I asked him if I could get extra credit for my poem because it made the class laugh during difficult times (our experiments were failing repeatedly and it seemed as though all hope was lost). He replied with, “This isn’t high school anymore, but nice try! It was a funny limerick though.”

I was inspired to post this poem because of a discussion I had with my friend Cassie at post-church-lunch, today. We were talking about how all the “greats” die young…. Elvis Presley, Heath Ledger, Jesus.

Then I remembered some of the most influential times in my college career. His words, “You, my friend, are the artist!” rang loud and clear in my head. Although he was referring to our experimental designs with respect to our cloning projects…. his words are applicable to all areas of life.

Dr. Stan Kikkert was one of the greats. He died just a little more than a year after I wrote this poem. May he rest in peace.

The photo I have placed with this post was actually taken by Dr. Stan Kikkert himself. He used to whip out his old digital camera and capture us “artists at work”.