Live as though your bucket list speeds past you like the credits at the end of a movie. Never give up an opportunity to cross something off that list because of lame insecurities or fear of the unknown.

Be in the present, it’s the only tense that will ever surprise you. And I mean, who doesn’t like surprises!?

If someone calls you ugly– remember that the degree of ugliness with which they perceive you is reflected equally by the ugliness in their own heart.

In those moments when a friend is telling you a story from their childhood, listen intently and remember every word. Ten years from now it’s those stories you will think of, and you’ll smile at how they were told.

Take the path that has less footsteps in the dirt, you’ll be glad you did.

Go on adventures with unknown destinations as much as possible. This is where the best stories come from.

Giggle un-apologetically when the oceans’ waves make your knees buckle. It won’t kill you. The undertow is never as strong as your mother says it is. That’s a fact.

Track your favorite stars in the sky every evening and watch them migrate with the seasons. It will remind you that change is everywhere and that it is good for your soul.

Watch the moon as it cycles through its phases. Pick your favorite phase and point it out to everyone around you. Eventually, they’ll do the same.

Be kind to strangers and ask them how they’re doing. Mean it when you say it. This is where you leave your footprint on society.

Treat your relationships with other humans as though they were ancient artifacts: precious and insurmountably valuable. Because guess what, they are exactly that.

Don’t be the earthquake that knocks over the china cabinet, those items are irreplaceable. The ‘items’ in the ‘china cabinet’ is a metaphor for the people in your life… in case that wasn’t clear.

Behind every obsession is a vibrant passion for something you love. Identify the right obsession and use your passion to turn it into a career. You’ll never go to work again.

Believe in a few myths. It’s healthy for you. By the way, mermaids are real and I’m sticking to it. The Tooth Fairy– not so much.

Express whatever emotion it is that you’re feeling, whether by words or by some other artistic expression, you’ll be glad you did.

Believe in your dreams no matter how outrageous they might seem at times. Forget “thinking logically” and “being realistic”.

Things that were once called impossible will eventually become inevitable. It’s the dreamers who lay the brick work for that pathway. And yes we choose yellow bricks to pave the way to our dreams.

Follow your yellow brick road.

03:11 Saturday, June 3, 2017.