Today, I am reminded that I must pursue likeness with God’s image every second of every minute, every minute of every hour and every hour of every day.

Then and only then will I be able to live a life worth living.

I mean this with respect to how I respond to rejection. Today it is rejection from a job I recently applied to.

My mind tells me to give up and stick with what I’ve been doing. My heart wants to venture out into a new career path and see what adventures are to be had.

If I adjust my sails and go back to shore, then I’ll never get to where I was headed.

If I push through the storm and pursue my hearts desires anyways, then I might just end up in paradise.

Only one way to find out.

Instead of listening to depressing music and feeling sorry for myself, I’m going to listen to “How Far I’ll Go” from the popular animated film Moana.

(Yes, I’m 22 years old and look to Disney Princesses for inspiration in dark times).