Temporary is the daily word prompt… I am struggling just a bit to come up with content. Maybe it’s because I am writing from my smart phone rather than my Chromebook.

My mind is in an entirely different world when I have my hands resting on the keys. Right now I can’t even seem to  recall the name of that beautiful world.

But as I venture onward in my blogging journey, I should learn to write in different modalities. It will come in handy one day when I am standing on the Great Wall of China or walking across an age-defying suspension bridge in New Zealand and I want to share my experience with the world.

It feels awkward blogging from my cell phone… but then again this feeling is only temporary.

Naturally, I couldn’t figure out how to link the daily prompt page to the word temporary so I just have to leave the whole link down here. If you know a trick to doing that on a smart phone, please leave me a comment! It would be greatly appreciated for next time 🙂