Last night when I was writing in my journal, I wanted to work on a particular writing style that I don’t often practice- which is poetry.

By habit, I Googled “How to write better poetry”. I read a few articles and the main point that I gathered was to stop trying so hard. They all said basically the same thing: be free, write freely, fail a bunch, read other’s poetry and eventually you’ll get more comfortable with it.

So I did just that. And you know what I got out of it? I got a really silly poem* that made me question whether I should join a 12 step recovery program for food addiction.

*I hesitate to even call it a poem. It was more like a list of descriptions.

If you wanted to read my rubbish writing in order to make yourself feel better about your own writing, then I encourage you to do so. 🙂 Here it is…

“Chocolate Milk”

It comes in many ways:

Pre-made or home made.

In a bottle or in a glass.

In a thin plastic jug or in a square carton.

Thick and phlegm producing or watery and cleansing.

Swirling with excess syrup or clumpy with untouched powder.

Best served with bendy straws.