Sometimes I look out on the world around me and all I see is a pool of gray. The objects that should stand out against an otherwise dull background seem to get lost in an infinite wasteland of blurriness.

It’s not black and white. It’s some homogeneous mixture of the two. Nothing is for certain, nothing is set in stone. Everything is a matter of ambiguity.

Then I hear my favorite song come on the radio. Benny And The Jets.… My ears let in the sound of Elton John’s piano riff. Blood begins to flow through my veins in an unfamiliar way. My foot stomps the ground with each beat.

Now I see the red tail lights on the car in front of me. A cloud of smoke billowing from its exhaust pipes. I see the eggshell colored moon shine so brightly in the night sky that all the other stars can’t help but be a spectator to her beauty.

I notice how the evening breeze shakes the trees as I pass by them. The world is a living thing. Its motion always reflecting some sort of wave function.

The street lights play connect-the-dots to form a streak of white light that lines the highway. The square signs indicating nearby restaurants and lodging become colorful and bold when my headlights hit them. All of a sudden, the world around me is no longer lackluster. It’s a dynamic sea of color waiting to be discovered.