The daily prompt word is “Chuckle”. This is interesting because when I first saw the word chuckle, I immediately saw Chucky- the super scary doll- in my mind. I was laying in my twin sized bed, wrapped in the blanket my best friend made me for Christmas where the little border tassels often tickle my face. My feet were lightly resting against my dog’s back since she always finds the most inconvenient place to reside. I was using my phone as a source to read the various works of other bloggers all orbiting this word. It was a still and uninterrupted morning until I read this word. Then like that feeling you get when you realize you left the cookies in the oven for too long- I jumped out of my skin. My only memory involving the Chucky doll flooded back to me in full effect.

My brother and I were playing with the claw machine at one of our family-favorite restaurants called Fuddruckers. My parents were sitting at the table waiting for the buzzer to buzz that would indicate when our food was ready. We were trying to get this Daffy Duck stuffed animal but did not have much luck. On our third try we got it almost all the way to the edge but again to no avail it didn’t fall in. Though something else did. We knew it because we heard it go thump at the bottom of the bin. But we didn’t see what it was. In fact, we were quite surprised because we didn’t see anything fall into the bin in the first place. Maybe it was some sort of sick voodoo, maybe we were so focused on Daffy Duck that we didn’t notice when his displacement caused another claw machine victim to move closer to the darkness.

I say darkness because that little tunnel in the corner of the claw machine is always dark. Especially at the bottom. And when you open the flap that conceals the treasures at the end of the tunnel it’s always in darkness. Even once you move the flap out of the way and reach your hand in there you can’t see what you have until you remove it from the tunnel and bring it into the light so that its true form can be revealed.

My brother and I froze for a second, then looked at one another and asked almost simultaneously, “But what could it be”? I immediately chimed in with, “Oh I hope it’s one of those Tweety birds”! My brother was a bit more weary and with good reason. He pushed the flap back with his left hand, reached into the mysterious tunnel with his right and grabbed a hold of our claw machine treasure. Without further delay he yanked the doll out of the tunnel and in one swift motion took it with him to where the lights from above were brightest in that tiny arcade at the corner of the restaurant. At first he wouldn’t let me see it and I was very upset about this. I threatened that I would tell mom and dad if he didn’t let me see it.

Holding the doll in his right hand, he pivoted his body so that he was facing me and outstretched his arm so that the doll was inches from my face. There it was… a sight never before seen by my innocent little eyes. Chucky the doll…

This memory came back to me like it was yesterday. Clear as day. And that made me chuckle.