This purpose of this current post is to express a change in direction for my blog.  I often times get frustrated with myself for being too fickle, but I am beginning to accept the fact that change is good. If I think of life as a tiny boat with a single mast, and picture life with respect to the universe as that tiny boat out in high seas, then it makes perfect sense that one cannot have perfect control of the ship at all times. Any such assumption is preposterous and therefore a waste of mental energy. We have to go with the flow…

That being said, it is time for a much needed update. Over the past four months or so I have done a lot of reflection. I studied as an English major at Mesa Community College and did an internship with the athletic department under the sports information director. So what’s the connection? When I started this blog I intended to use it as a platform to practice my science writing. I wrote one original post about the similarities and differences between bio-luminescence and bio-fluorescence and then I decided to focus on school while it was in session. I am in a different place now than I was then because of this past semester and the internship.

First off, I realized that as much as I love English-and the fact that those classes usually come a tad easier to me- it doesn’t hold a candle to the sciences. I found myself going out of my way to read books and journals on chemistry and physics just to fill the void that I didn’t even know existed. I could probably attribute this to having a light schedule overall- English (not 101 or 102), General Chemistry, and Computer Usage & Application- but it was partly because of the internship as well. I wrote a few post-match articles for the Women’s Volleyball Program at Mesa Community College and although it wasn’t completely horrendous, it wasn’t exactly my idea of a fun way to express myself. I realized that I didn’t have to write for work, or write as an occupation in order to feel satisfied with my life. In fact, I found it quite dissatisfying. Writing, even something as simple as a sports recap, was not as fun as I thought it would be. Actually, the hardest part for me was keeping everything unbiased, you know, the way journalism ought to be.

About half way through the semester I decided to reevaluate my options. I knew that I wanted to go back to taking the “hard sciences”. And I knew that if I ever ended up writing for money that it would probably be a side project complementing a larger focus of my energy in something like academic research or clinical experience. After many long nights of looking at transfer pathways and professional degree prerequisite course lists, I have decided to reconsider the pharmacy school route. Pharmacy has always been and always will be something I am deeply interested in and have a passion for. That’s probably why this isn’t the first time I have found myself headed down this same road. Over the next year I will take Organic Chemistry, General Physics, and Calculus. If I successfully pass all my classes, then in the Spring of 2018 I will transfer to Arizona State University and major in Biochemistry. I’m happy with this realization. Additionally, I have adopted a different mindset this time around. I refuse to get stressed about things that are out of my control, and I have committed to give my best, no matter how good or bad that might be on any given day. In the end, I can only hope that my best is good enough for someone or somewhere (in the case of professional/graduate school). Even if I don’t get into a pharmacy school, I think that I would be equally as happy getting a graduate degree and studying the very essence of the universe at the molecular level.

I figure it can’t hurt to dedicate the rest of one’s life to the very thing that he or she loses sleep over to begin with. I mean… I can’t be the only one who contemplates the vibrational and rotational energies of complex molecules at 3:00 am. Right?

In conclusion, I will use my blog an an outlet to express myself in written form and keep the eagerly awaiting Internet community updated on the mundane events of my life. Just like before, I will post certain school assignments when I feel that more than just my professors would benefit from reading them.

Yours Truly,

Christina Pociask